1. Westfalia Bay Window Microbus Seattle 2012

  2. Haunted Horror comics!

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    Waiting to be saved

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  5. RAT ROD!  With some nice touches.

  6. Double Cab Split Window VW Microbus… totally gorgeous.

  7. Bay Window Microbus, Greenwood car Show 2013

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    LEGO Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

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  10. What’s he building in there?   What the HELL is he building in there ?

  11. Guy drives his DMC from Oregon to Greenwood WA for a car show…I think that’s way cool. 

    I awlays thought a stainless steel body - with zero chance of rust - was a brilliant engineering move on John DeLoriens part. 

    And Lambo doors?   Wow, that is very 1980’s chic as well…you just never see that anymore.

  12. What I liked about this guys Ford Galaxie 500 was that he hadnt (yet) gone thru any restoration project with it.  Still had all the rust and dings and scratches you’d find in a 60’s classic car.   And I love it.

  13. Chevy Impala, Mukilteo, June 2013

  14. An OJI vacuum coffee maker.  Takes 8 hours to make a full pot. These run anywhere from $180.00 to $1500.00 a pop.  I’d be quite happy w/ the smaller/cheaper model, thank you!

  15. Volkswagen Microbus, Bay Window, Greenwood Car Show, Seattle WA July 29 2013